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Peace Tales

Peace Tales give voice to peace, kindness, compassion and hope. By sharing stories, poetry and music gathered from around the world and recorded on compact disc, Peace Tales reveal surprising solutions to common conflicts in homes, schools and communities through the magic of story.

Holding Up the Sky: Peace Tales for Kids (now available directly from the author - please follow the Story Store link on the left)

Peace Tales gratefully acknowledges the authors, storytellers, musicians, and other professionals who made this project possible.

Recorded at KUNM studios, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Master engineered by Paul Ingles, Cedar Creek Studios , Placitas, New Mexico; Produced by Drug-Free TRES, Inc., dba Peace Tales; CD cover art by Tonia Herrero (cozmic94@earthlink.net); Music: Cumulonimbus (P. O. Box 11313, Albuquerque, NM 87192) and Ali Adelman; HOLDING UP THE SKY, A BLIND BOY CATCHES A BIRD and THE ARGUMENT STICKS inspired by tales from Margaret Read MacDonald's Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About (Linnet Books, 1992); PEACE SONG: Joe Hayes; TWO FOXES: M. A. Jagendorf's Folk Stories of the South (Vanguard Press, Inc., (c) 1972, 1973), recorded by permission of Vanguard Press, A division of Random House, Inc.; THE TALE OF MUSSA AND NAGIB: Based on Laura Simms' adaptation of Malba Tahan's literary tale, "Writing in the Sand," in Stories to Nourish the Hearts of Children in a Time of Crisis (The Gaindeh Project); A TALE FOR ALL SEASONS: Kurt Kauter, by permission of German publisher Herr Hofman and of Joseph Jaworski, author of Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership (Barrett-Koehler Publishers, inc., (c) 1996); THE KING'S BLISS: Inspired by Idries Shaw's The Indian Bird in Tales of the Dervish (E. P. Dutton & Co., (c) 1969); THE GOLDEN RULE SCHOOL, JESSICA, JACQUELINE, JOCELYN SMITH and MY CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Sarah Malone. AN AESOP FABLE and THE DIAMOND IS YOURS retold by Sarah Malone from traditional tales.