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Plowshares is a troupe of four professional storytellers devoted to telling tales of peace.  Whether individually, in tandem or as a foursome, Plowshares storytellers share stories they believe may enter hearts, change minds, and "turn swords into plowshares."

Inspired by the success of Peace Tales, Leah Alexander invited three other professional storytellers to join her in forming a new group called Plowshares.  Tellers are available to perform individually or in a group for your event.  Stories, music and poetry from across the world draw on our common human experience to uplift hearts, instill hope, and guide peaceful action on the local, community and global planes.  Audience participation, tandem telling, musical instruments, Spanish language, custom program development and other special features are also available.

Meet the Plowshares: Four distinct voices, one message: 

Plowshares people

Phyllis Bergman , Sarah Malone, Leah Alexander and Margaret Edmundson

Phyllis Bergman  began telling tales at the tender age of 50 before the captive audience of her graduate-level nursing students.  She uses stories to begin discussions on conflicts and values.  A worldwide traveler, Phyllis gathers experiences and adventures that become stories.  She lives in the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico, to be closer to the clouds.  Her favorite quote on peace is from the philosopher Spinoza, who said, "Peace is not an absence of war.  It is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice."

Sarah Malone began storytelling as a parent volunteer in the schools.  A founding member of Storytellers of New Mexico, She tells stories to all ages in many venues.  Founder of the nonprofit Peace Tales, she was invited to tell peace stories at the United Nations in 2004.  Sarah believes the magic of story can provide real solutions to our common human conflicts.  She remains inspired by words from one of her favorite stories, "A Tale for All Seasons:"  "Maybe, just maybe, we are but one voice short of having peace in the world."

Leah Alexander began telling stories twenty five years ago while working as a social worker with abused children and as a family therapist.  Stories kept her sane, she says, and maybe her clients, too.  Now retired, Leah is ex-president of Storytellers of New Mexico and keeps the storytelling flame burning.  As Leah says, "Stories enter hearts and change minds.  Let them be tales of peace!"

Margaret Edmundson , storyteller, teacher and librarian, has lived and worked in England, the Marshall Islands in Micronesia, and Botswana in Africa, as a Peace Corps volunteer.  With a Masters degree in Creative Arts in Learning and a storytelling specialty, she presented a weekly storytelling program on radio and Public Access TV in Boston, MA, and performed with "We Three Puppetellers."  Margaret is touched by the words recorded at El Morro, NM, the petroglyph signatures of pre-Columbian Indians that say, "Pasé por aquí - I passed here."  She says, "Let us say, "Pasé por aquí - peacefully!"