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Sarah recording a story
Sarah recording "Holding Up the Sky"
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Meet The Storyteller

Sarah Malone loves the tales she tells and deftly draws the listener into another realm. She began storytelling as a parent volunteer many years ago, believing that children benefit not only from listening to stories but also from their relationship with the storyteller. Combine Sarah's love of children with her experience as a child therapist and storyteller and listeners - young and old alike - can expect a delightful story listening experience.

Sarah's devotion to peacemaking resulted in the Peace Tales Project. Here is a way, she thought, I can contribute to peaceful solutions in the world by sharing peace stories with children and adults and donating the proceeds to charities that also wage peace. The Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children and Peace Talks Radio Series. With help from many volunteers, press coverage, and a passion for peace, the Peace Tale Project came to fruition. Sarah invites you to listen in, share Peace Tales with those you love, and contribute to the prospects of peace in our world.

As the Peace Tales Project draws to a close, Sarah continues to weave tales for audiences near and far. As current President of Storytellers of New Mexico, she is actively involved in promoting storytelling in her home state and beyond (New Mexico Storytellers). Sarah is available to develop a storytelling presentation just right for your particular audience and programmatic needs.

Praise For Peace Tales and for the Storyteller

Southwestern author and storyteller Joe Hayes writes: "Sarah Malone is a hero - a mighty warrior for peace - and she has developed a weapon of mass instruction. These beautiful stories, masterfully told in Sarah's warm, authentic, voice, can turn the hearts of children, adults and nations away from selfish struggle and contention toward the path of community, cooperation and compassion. Sarah's recording of Peace Tales is a labor of love and a loving gift to the listening world. Thank you, Sarah."

Leah Alexander, Former President of Storytellers of New Mexico writes: "Sarah Malone's CD of Peace Tales for children gives us something we've all been looking for: something about this crazy world, and how to make it better. In her melodious yet flexible voice, Sarah chooses stories that give answers, whether it's for one kid who has a grouch with his best friend, or the teen who is beginning to ask, "Why is it this way? What can I do to make it better?" These stories are food for the hungry young soul, and teach important lessons. Little hummingbird lies on her back, tiny feet holding up the falling sky, and shows us that if we all do that we'll succeed, we'll hold it up. The wise blind boy teaches the sighted how to be honest and care for each other. Thank you Sarah. The children will listen, and learn, and will make a better world."

Childhood Development professional Mary Dudley writes: "At the end of every tale, the characters and the listener are reminded of our fundamental yearning for peace and every person's role in its achievement. Loving wisdom prevails and harmony is restored in all of Sarah's stories - just the message every child must hear, again and again and again, as s/he grows in being a peaceful person."